Through The Inferno [DCS World]

Dynamic and Engaging Air Combat Operations for DCS World

Mod Tools and Loaders


28 May 2020

Tools for Management of mods


11 Jun 2020

Tools for Management of mods

Sound Mods

Deadlyfishes’ DCS SFX Overhaul Collection v3c

11 Jun 2020

This sound mod replaces many aircraft engine sounds, ambiances, weapon sounds, explosions and more.
Recoil’s AN/ALR-69 RWR Symbology Mod is now included with the sound mod to avoid any mod conflicts.

Deadlyfishes’ Subtle F/A-18C Cockpit Interior Sound

11 Jun 2020

This is a more quiet and subtle interior cockpit sound that is less whiny and ear-piercing.

Flare Sound Mod (Interior and Exterior)

28 May 2020

Changes flare sound

F-14 Jester Volume 50% Quieter

24 Sep 2021

Is Jester a bit too loud for you? Download this mod to get him to be 50% quieter.

JF-17 Thunder – Ace Combat Betty/RWR/Warning Sound Mod

11 Jun 2020

Changes the Warning/Missile/Tracking sounds to the familiar warning/tracking RWR sounds from the Ace Combat Series.

Cockpit and Instrument Mods

F/A-18C Cockpit Enhancement Mod Pack

11 Jun 2020

A collection of some nice cockpit and quality of life mods/tweaks for the F/A-18C Hornet: […]

English and Custom Modded Cockpits for FC3 and other Aircraft

14 Jul 2020

Adds MANY cockpit mods, some for looks and some convert cockpits into English. – Setup instructions in “more info”

Aircraft Livery Mods

deadlyfishes’ Unlocked Liveries v4.0.1

08 Feb 2021

Unlocks liveries in-game and in-editor that you usually don’t see because liveries are directly locked to the country you choose.

deadlyfishes’ 107th JAS Navy – Public Hornet Skins

11 Jun 2020

These are some of our awesome public custom skins made for the 107th Joint Aviation Squadron by deadlyfishes

deadlyfishes’ 107th JAS Navy – Shark Digital Blue Camo

11 Jun 2020

107th JAS Navy – Shark Flight Digital Blue Camo

Utilities, Tweaks and Improvements

Remove Useless Ground Clutter Objects

11 Jun 2020

Completely remove grass and ground clutter objects, since simply setting clutter/grass in settings to 0 does not completely remove the clutter. Gain a few FPS.

Alternate Multiplayer Chat Color Mod Pack

11 Sep 2020

Improve multiplayer chat visibility by changing the allies text color. Choose between GREEN, PURPLE, PINK, or RED.

Moltar’s Mod Pack

11 Jun 2020

Moltar’s Mod served as a bountiful source of mods and tweaks for some of our own mods here. Please check out his work (Download link goes to SplashOne gaming page)

A-10C Mods and Tweaks

Recoil’s IFFCC AAS Combat v1.3

30 Sep 2020

Aore useful AAS options suited for aircraft encountered on TTI

Recoil’s DTSAS Database Expansion v1.3

30 Sep 2020

Expands DTSAS Map limitations to 400nm