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Through The Inferno + Pimax Discounts and Deals

Updated: 23 May 2024

May 2024 UPDATE: Until June 7th, 2024 you can win a free Pimax Crystal Light VR Headset by visiting TTI and/or Pimax discord servers, visiting websites and following socials. Check out the giveaway page here:

Pimax and Through The Inferno come together to provide amazing experiences in DCS through Virtual Reality.

In VR, users experience complete immersion within the cockpit. Whether of a plane, car, or spaceship, the unparalleled freedom of movement is akin to real life. This immersive capability not only facilitates consistent lap times, but also boosts flight performance by enabling visual navigation of courses. Moreover, the ability to effortlessly glance at dashboard information – aided by crystal-clear displays – enhances user interaction. VR delivers a significantly more natural, more captivating gaming experience; especially in simulation gaming...

Pimax offers stunning quality and performance through their various VR hardware available on their site. Whatever your needs are for VR, they got you covered.

For a limited time, Through The Inferno and Pimax are offering users to enjoy up to a $99 discount deal on any headset. Use the following referral link and discount code when checking out to get this deal!

Pimax Website
$99 Discount Code: inferno99 (limited!)
$20 Discount Code: inferno