Through The Inferno

107th JAS Official DCS World Multiplayer Servers

Server Chat Command / Mission Trigger List

Updated: 07 May 2018

This is a list of our chat commands for both DCS 1.5.7 and DCS 2.1 TTI Servers.

Please be sure to use ALL CHAT [default key binding SHIFT+TAB] and not ALLIES CHAT.


Forced Intel Reports: (These don’t require -flag, type
them as you see them “-intel” or “-missionstatus”)

-intel – Displays active ground and naval missions to all.
-a2gsmoke – Deploys smoke/flares at active ground missions.

Only 107th and Community Members can use the following chat commands:

(For information about joining the 107th SQN, please join our discord channel and ask submitting a flight application.)

To initiate, type -flag [COMMAND] in ALL CHAT.
(example: “-flag a2a_hard” will spawn a hard A2A Mission)

Forced Intel Reports:
intel_ground – Displays active ground missions to A2G Jets
intel_sea – Displays active naval missions to A2G and Anti-ship jets.
intel_a2gsmoke – Deploys smoke at all active A2G Jet and Multirole mission sites.
intel_heloflare – Deploys flares at all active A2G Helo mission sites. (Excludes Infantry Assault)

Air to Air Missions:
a2a_easy – Spawns an easy difficulty air to air mission. Easier AI with smaller payloads. 2 ship groups.
a2a_norm – Spawns a moderate difficulty air to air mission. Competent AI with radar guided payloads. 2 ship groups.
a2a_hard – Spawns a hard difficulty air to air mission. Very Competent AI with radar guided payloads. 4 ship groups.

a2a_4ship – Spawns random difficulty 4 ship group air to air mission. Random AI with average payloads. 4 ship group.
a2a_intercept – Spawns a random set of bombers that will bomb the main airbases.

a2a_acap – This is a much harder variant than the previous air to air missions; “Aggressive CAP” which features very difficult AI with full A2A loadouts.
a2a_lotteryThis will choose a single A2A group to spawn. It will randomly select ONE group from the ENTIRE potential A2A enemy aircraft list. It can literally be anything from a simple single ship unit from A2A easy or a 4-ship group from A2A ACAP.

Multi-role Missions
multirole – This mission will spawn an air to ground mission as well as some fighters that protect the strike area. CAP and CAS are needed.

Air to Ground Missions:
a2g_jet Ground missions designed for attack jets.
a2g_helo Ground missions designed for attack helicopters.
a2g_infantryassault Ground missions designed for helicopters that drop off troops to fight on the ground.
a2g_strike A larger size and more difficult ground mission. Jets and helos can both participate.

Anti-Ship Missions
antiship – Spawns enemy ships at sea.
Spawns a large naval strike mission.

Special Missions:
nalchik_strike – A large strike mission at Nalchik.
novoro_strike – A large strike mission at Novoro airbase and port.
digora_strike – A large facility strike mission at Digora.

tonopah_strike – A large strike mission at Tonopah Test Range.
groomlake_strike – A large strike mission at Groom Lake airbase.
tonopahse_strike – A large facility strike mission at Tonopah SE.

SPAWN SPECIFIC MISSIONS Example; A2G Jets Mission 9 type “-flag a2gj_9
Air to Ground Jets Missions: 1-10
a2gj_[MISSION #]

Air to Ground Helo Missions: 1-10
a2gh_[MISSION #]

Infantry Assault Missions: 1-10
ia_[MISSION #]

Anti-Ship Missions: 1-5
as_[MISSION #]

Multirole Missions: 1-10
mr_[MISSION #]