Through The Inferno [DCS World]

Dynamic and Engaging Air Combat Operations for DCS World

Server Chat Command / Mission Trigger List

Updated: 22 Aug 2023

This is a list of our chat commands for our DCS TTI Servers.

Please be sure to use ALL CHAT [default key binding SHIFT+TAB] and not ALLIES CHAT.

If you are interested in becoming a controller or 107th JAS member, please inquire on our discord.

107th JAS Members and Certified TTI Controllers can use the following chat commands:

To initiate, type -flag [COMMAND] in ALL CHAT.
(example: “-flag a2a_hard” will spawn a hard A2A Mission)

Air to Air Missions:
a2a_easy – Spawns an easy difficulty air to air mission. Easier AI with smaller payloads. 2 ship groups.

a2a_norm – Spawns a moderate difficulty air to air mission. Competent AI with radar guided payloads. 2 ship groups.

a2a_hard – Spawns a hard difficulty air to air mission. Very Competent AI with radar guided payloads. 4 ship groups.

a2a_4ship – Spawns random difficulty 4 ship group air to air mission. Random AI with average payloads. 4 ship group.

a2a_intercept – Spawns a random set of bombers that will bomb the main airbases.

a2a_acap – This is a much harder variant than the previous air to air missions; “Aggressive CAP” which features very difficult AI with full A2A loadouts.

a2a_lotteryThis will choose a single A2A group to spawn. It will randomly select ONE group from the ENTIRE potential A2A enemy aircraft list. It can literally be anything from a simple single ship unit from A2A easy or a 4-ship group from A2A ACAP.

a2a_heloThis will spawn enemy helos in the area.

Special 107th Only Chat Commands:
To initiate, type -107 [COMMAND] in ALL CHAT.

rulesThis will display a message and trigger a sound notification to the server to remind players of the server rules.