Through The Inferno

107th JAS Official DCS World Multiplayer Servers

Through The Inferno – Community, Discord, and DCS Game Server Rules

Official Server Rules: (in-game/discord/community)
Please note the rules listed here and are not limited to;

Punishments may vary in severity:

Automatic kick/ban by system:
Kicked out of aircraft to spectators
– Kicked out of server
– Temporarilly Banned from server (Ban decays over time.)

Manually kick/ban by a Moderator/Admin:
Kicked out of aircraft to spectators
– Kicked out of game server
– Banned from game server (Ban will be in place unless removed by an admin.)
– Banned from community Discord server. (Please note that in this case a ban from our community Discord server will also include a ban from our game servers.)

Please respect our admins/moderators. We’re open to discuss any issues you may have regarding the community or the in-game server, but we will not tolerate any disrespect towards the admins, moderators or our community members. If you do not fully understand any of the rules listed above, or need more clarification please do not hesitate to get in touch with us via our discord server. Upon joining any over our comms (discord, SRS, etc…) or game servers on DCS World, means you agree to adhere to our rules listed above, else administrative actions will be enforced against you.