Through The Inferno [DCS World]

Dynamic and Engaging Air Combat Operations for DCS World


Through The Inferno General Community Rules

  1. Agreement
    Upon joining the Through The Inferno Discord server you agree to follow all existing rules and understand they are subject to change at any time without notice.
  2. Respect
    Any and all posts, usernames, or avatars containing derogatory slurs, gore, excessive violence or sexual/pornographic material, hate speech or otherwise discriminatory comments will not be tolerated. Inflammatory remarks, trolling, griefing and doxing will also not be tolerated. Violations under these rules will likely result in immediate enforcement.
  3. Maturity
    Fun is encouraged, but not at the expense of others. Users are expected to maturely engage in civil discourse with our diverse population. Insensitive posts which are intended to shock or offend
    readers are prohibited. If a reasonable person would know better than to make a post, so should you.
  4. Channels
    Keep conversations relevant to their channels. We realize that conversations may occasionally wander off-topic, however if it prolongs please consider moving it to a more appropriate channel.
  5. No spam
    Sending messages with arbitrary characters, sending the same message repetitively in a fast sequence and repeatedly mentioning staff roles is not allowed.
  6. Outside Promotion
    Promoting other servers and groups is not allowed without permission from the administrative team.
  7. Administrative Staff
    Anyone who feels that an Admin or Moderator is abusing their position or acting inappropriately should report the issue to whichever member of the administrative team they feel most comfortable.
  8. Classified Material
    Posting classified/confidential material is strictly forbidden and will be promptly removed.
  9. Enforcement and Consequences
    The Admins and Moderators enforce these rules at their discretion. Consequences may include:

    1. Warning
    2. Kicked from TTI Discord Server
    3. Temporary Discord ban
    4. Permanent Discord ban
  10. Notes
    1. Bans from the TTI Discord Server will also include a ban from our game servers.
    2. Permanent Discord bans are a last resort and cannot be appealed. As such, they require a majority vote of the Administrative team.

Through The Inferno DCS Server Specific Rules

  1. Agreement
    By logging into a TTI DCS Server players agree to follow our Discord community rules in addition to the following:
  2. Air Traffic Control

    1. All players must strive to practice proper air traffic control etiquette around airfields and carriers at all times.
    2. Users must make every attempt to state their intentions in advance, preferably using SRS, but at a minimum, the in-game chat. It is highly advised to check the map before take-off and landings.
    3. When human Air Traffic Control is active at a given airfield or carrier, all players must comply with their instructions and establish two-way communication with them via SRS or in-game chat.
    4. Any ATC/AWACS activity must be sanctioned by the TTI administration.
  3. Aircraft Carrier Operations
    1. Only the F-14A/B, F/A-18C, AV-8B and helicopters are permitted to utilize the Nimitz Class Carriers.
    2. Only the Su-33 and helicopters are permitted to utilize Kuznetsov Carriers.
    3. Only the AV-8B and helicopters are permitted to utilize the Tarawa-class LHAs.
    4. Only helicopters are permitted to land on escort vessels.
    5. Players engaging in carrier operations must do so safely at all times, regardless if using SuperCarrier AI ATC or not.
    6. Helicopters must use designated helicopter landing zones.
  4. Airfield Operations
    1. Takeoffs and landings are to be done in a timely manner.
    2. Using runways or taxiways to rearm, refuel, or repair is not permitted. If you are unable to clear the runway or taxiway you must reslot.
    3. Taxiway takeoffs are prohibited. Ramp vertical takeoffs and landings are permitted.
    4. It is the responsibility of all players involved to avoid runway incursions, crashes on airfields and collisions with other players.
    5. The AI ATC has no authority.
  5. Reckless Behavior
    Do not behave in a reckless manner, possible behaviours that can be seen as reckless are:

    1. Aerobatics over airfields or near other players are not permitted.
    2. Taxi speeds above 50kt are not permitted.
    3. Non-consensual close formation flying is not permitted.
    4. Firing missiles into engagements where friendly aircraft are merged (friendly and adversary aircraft within 5nm) is dangerous and should be avoided.
  6. Sportsmanship & Griefing
    1. Team kills are prohibited, even if the parties know each other.
    2. Engaging designated helicopter missions is reserved for helicopters and warbirds. Other aircraft can engage in these missions under the condition that they are in coordination with the helicopters and/or warbirds in the area. There has to be agreement with all of the participants. Infantry assault missions are designated helicopter missions for the purposes of this rule.
    3. Use of ordnance in the vicinity of friendly airfields or aircraft carriers is strictly prohibited.
    4. Loading, arming, or employing nuclear weapons is strictly prohibited.
    5. Spawning units to intentionally grieve players is not permitted.
    6. Excessively spamming server messages and sounds is not permitted.
  7. Enforcement and Consequences
    The Admins and Moderators will interpret and enforce these rules at their discretion within the context of the violation. Consequences may include:

    1. Verbal warning
    2. Kicked out of aircraft to spectators
    3. Kicked out of game server
    4. Game server bans
    5. Discord bans
  8. Notes
    1. Bans from the TTI Discord Server will also include a ban from our game servers.
    2. Players banned from any TTI game server can appeal their ban via TTI Discord in the #rule_violations channel. Be prepared to either prove how your actions were not a violation or how you will prevent further violations if given another chance to fly in our community.
  9. Agreement
    Upon joining any of the Through The Inferno game servers you agree to follow all existing rules and understand they are subject to change over time.