Through The Inferno [DCS World]

Dynamic and Engaging Air Combat Operations for DCS World

Community, Discord, and Server Rules

By joining our Discord and our servers you acknowledge, understand and agree to all the rules listed here.

Community and Discord Rules:

The rules listed on this page serves a short overview of the rules section from our detailed TTI Community SOP Guide & Handbook.

Please note the rules listed here and are not limited to;

1. Any and all derogatory slurs or otherwise discriminatory comments, posts, usernames and avatars will be removed without warning and may result in the poster receiving a ban. This also includes posts containing gore and excessive violence.

If you are worried that something you are about to say or post may be offensive in any manner to anyone, it’s probably best to keep it to yourself or to ask an admin if it is appropriate for our Discord server.

2. You understand the usage from @ here and @ everyone is to be used at anytime by the server owner, admins or even members to notify the community regarding anything and everything related to the growth and development of TTI missions, the 107th and discord community.

3. Keep all conversations courteous and civil. Malicious comments, personal attacks, may result in a kick or ban.

4. Do not abuse @ everyone and @ here. If it’s not of extreme importance refrain from using them.

5. Keep conversations relevant to their channels.

6. No spam. This includes bots.

This is a requirement of this community. The server owner and admins have the right to enforce these rules as they see fit. By joining this Discord server and community you are in 100% agreement with these rules currently in place and understand they are subject to change at anytime.

Game Server Rules

Please note the rules listed here and are not limited to;

1) We do not and will not tolerate any form of toxic behavior towards anyone in our community.

Please be respectful to all players at all times through positive communication, teamwork and airmanship.

2) General griefing/trolling on our servers (discord and other methods of comms included) will not be tolerated and will result in punishment.

3) You must always state your intentions to all players to avoid any and all incursions or mishaps.

This applies to traffic, carrier ops, ground combat and air combat using the in-game chat at minimum and on SRS Radio

Keep communication open between you and other pilots at all times. We expect all pilots to be reached via in-game chat or SRS at any given time to prevent all and any unintentional incursions. SRS is highly encouraged for a better online experience on our servers.

Always properly identify your designated targets using any and all means at your disposal; IFF systems, SRS/Chat Comms, visual range identification, AWACS, EWRS, or the F10 Map to ensure that you aren’t firing at friendlies or friendlies engaged in close range air combat. Intentional and blatant team kills are not allowed and will result in a ban.

4) Practice proper air traffic control and carrier ops etiquette at all times.

Always declare your taxi, approaches, landing and takeoffs and always ensure that you are clear to make any actions either by uncontrolled traffic comms with other players or with permission from a player tower/ground/controller if available.

It is the responsibility of all players involved to avoid runway incursions, crashes and mid-air collisions. Taxiway takeoffs are strictly prohibited.

Always check for players in a landing pattern for airfields and carriers. Do not cut other players off while they are in their landing pattern, especially when they are on their final approach.

Fixed-wing aircraft that are not CATOBAR compatible are not to be landed on the Nimitz-class aircraft carriers.

Takeoffs and landings (on airfields and carriers) should always be done in a timely matter.

Do not use the runway, taxiways, or known spawn points to rearm/refuel/repair.

Rotary Wing aircraft may still use Nimitz-class aircraft carriers for CSAR operations and must still practice safe traffic operations at all times. (The helicopter landing zone is forward, left side of the ship where CAT3 and CAT4 end.)

Approved Nimitz-Class Aircraft for Recovery and Launch:
– F/A-18C Hornet
– F-14B Tomcat
– AV-8B Harrier II N/A (Only with proper recovery procedures and comms!)
– Rotary Wing Aircraft

 Approved Admiral Kuznetsov Aircraft for Recovery and Launch:
– Su-33 Flanker D
– Rotary Wing Aircraft

Approved Tarawa-Class Aircraft for Recovery and Launch:
– AV-8B Harrier II N/A
– Rotary Wing Aircraft

 5) Any and all use of weapons against friendly (player or AI) aircraft, ground units, airfields or logistics is prohibited.

Do not engage in PvP on our PvE servers for “training” purposes with a buddy.

Do not “revenge” teamkill. The admins will handle any misbehavior. Please report any offenders on our Discord (#rule-violations channel).

Ramming other aircraft with your own aircraft will be seen as hostile and intentional team killing.

Use of ordinance on or near friendly airfields or carriers is a bannable offense. There should be NO reason to fire any weapons on friendly airbases. It is understandable that there are a few mission objectives are other airfields, but there is no excuse to fire any weapons near or around any of the starting airfields where aircraft slots are. Any intentional kills or damage done via use of weapons to friendly AI or players on friendly airbases is will result in a ban from our server.

Loading/arming and usage of nuclear weapons is strictly prohibited, especially when used on or near friendly airfields. This is a bannable offense.

 6) Reckless actions will not be tolerated and result in punishment. This may include, but is not limited to;

Aerobatics or high speed fly-bys over airfields or parked aircraft at low altitudes

Aerobatics near other aircraft

High speed taxiing on taxiways

Ignoring nearby traffic

Unwarranted and unconsented close formation flying

Firing air to air weapons into engagements where friendly aircraft is present and danger close.

 7) Please use chat commands/triggers responsibly.

Do not spawn or create triggered missions that you do not intend to complete.

Do not spawn or create triggered units to intentionally harass players.

Do not excessively spam server messages and sounds.

All moderators/admins have the discretion to deal with any offense as they see fit and deem necessary.

Joining our game servers means you agree 100% to these rules and understand the punishments if these rules are broken.

Punishments may vary in severity:
Automatic kick/ban by system:
Kicked out of aircraft to spectators
-Kicked out of server

Manually kick/ban by a Moderator/Admin:
Kicked out of aircraft to spectators
– Kicked out of game server
– Banned from game server (Ban will be in place unless removed by an admin.)
– Banned from community Discord server. (Please note that in this case a ban from our community Discord server will also include a ban from our game servers.)

Please respect our admins/moderators. We’re open to discuss any issues you may have regarding the community or the in-game server, but we will not tolerate any disrespect towards the admins, moderators or our community members. If you do not fully understand any of the rules listed above, or need more clarification please do not hesitate to get in touch with us via our discord server.

Upon joining any over our comms (discord, SRS, etc…) or game servers on DCS World, means you agree to adhere to our rules listed above, else administrative actions will be enforced against you.