Through The Inferno [DCS World]

Dynamic and Engaging Air Combat Operations for DCS World


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Single Player Missions

Developer Changelog: TTI SP Missions Changelog

Documentation: TTI SP Missions Guides, Tutorials, and Documentation
– Easy to follow guides that will tell you everything to know about TTI SP in-game and how to edit settings.
– How to download/install TTI SP
– Mission Features Overview
– How to edit Mission Settings/Attributes, AI Traffic Settings, Mission Era, Unit Spawning Pools, Mission Difficulty, Logistics Settings (AWACS, Tankers, Carrier Ops)
– Mission Performance and Optimization tips
– Much More!


  1. MADE FOR ALL DCS MODULES! Fly the aircraft you want to fly, and fly the missions you want to do. Change any and every mission and combat environment setting. Tweak the mission scenario to precisely your liking so that you can enjoy everything that DCS has to offer.
  2. Choose to play and experience aerial combat operations through past and present by selecting your mission era of choice; Modern, WW2, Korean War, and Cold War.
  3. TTI is a living, breathing air combat theater that immerses you in all that DCS has to offer. – Carrier operations, Rescue operations, friendly and enemy AI air patrols do their thing in real time. All ambient AI behavior is tweakable to suit your PC specs as needed.
  4. This mission is well-optimized and can be further optimized to get the most performance out of your PC specs. If you only fly certain aircraft, only relevant scripts and logistics will load in for that aircraft.

    For example, helo scripts will not load if you spawn in an F/A-18C. Though, spawning into an F/A-18C will start up the neccesary refueling aircraft and start carrier operations.

  5. Choose any mission type to be generated, or make your own!
    – These missions can generate a WIDE VARIETY of mission scenarios.
    – Ground missions are generated in a random location on the map, with a random pool of units, and placed in different positions within the mission zone. Each ground mission generation will be completely different every time one is generated.
    – There are many potential areas for ground missions that utilize the majority of the map, you’ll be able to explore many areas of the map for a wide variety of terrain challenges and experiences.
    – Air missions will generate a random flight of enemy bandits. The airframe, of the bandits will be random. Their initial spawn point will be random. Their altitude, waypoints and waypoint altitude will be randomized every time as well. A simple yet very comprehensive dynamic A2A mission generator makes for an amazing and unpredictable A2A experience! Choose from a variety of A2A difficulties as well.
    – Change the types of ground and air units that spawn at these missions to your liking.
    – Can easily move mission areas in the mission editor to areas that you want to potentially do ground operations in. Additionally you can adjust where A2A enemy aircraft spawn and patrol.
  6. You can switch (pause, choose slot) to change aircraft at ANY TIME without having to quit the mission to reload a new one!You’ll never need to create your own scenarios (too predictable) again!
  7. Amazing Auto-lasing JTACs will designate targets for you without any interaction menu fumbling (no 9-line, readback, buggy comms) Other scripts include CTLD (helo menu for crates/building/sling loading) and an AWACs reporter to help you locate bandits.
  8. The mission is ENDLESS. Repeat or do new missions as long as you’d like.



Air to Air – Spawns a dynamically created enemy element flight. Choose between different difficulties. NOTE: These missions can infinitely stack. It is advised to spawn one at a time, and only spawn new A2A missions when one is complete.

Air to Ground – The mission will dynamically generate ground targets in a random location. There are several difficulties to choose from:





AFAC/JTAC Autolase

JTACs AUTOMATICALLY lase/smoke targets.
No need to communicate with JTAC.
Use “JTAC Status” in your F10 – Other Menu for more JTAC details on marked targets.
JTACs will prioritize SAMs and AAA when designating units in a large group.


You can CREATE and DESTROY units out of thin air at ANY location you choose on the F10 map, like in “Zeus” mode from ArmA 3. (Details in the briefing on how to use these commands)

-Spawn in enemy aircraft of your choosing and at the location you desire for practice. (Spawning list is in the briefing/readme)
-Spawn in a JTAC for your friend to control (via combined arms)
-Spawn in an Abrams tank for your friend or for your self to control (via combined arms)

TTI: Eras of War

Experience the vast world of aerial combat operations past and present by selecting your desired conflict time period.

The mission experience will automatically generate suitable ground, air and sea missions based on your mission era selection without the need of loading a separate mission file!

Current Mission Eras include: World War 2, Korean War, Modern. Unit spawns are still editable!
Optionally; If you own the WW2 Asset Pack, you can enable the units to be added in your mission.

CTLD – Complete Troops and Logistics Deployment Script for Helos

Build AAA Defenses.
Transport Tanks, Humvees and more.Pickup troops and drop them off into battle.
More details here:


AWACS EWRS – Early Warning Radar Script

An AWACS script that gives you auto-text reports of enemy bandit locations.
You can request bogey dope, picture, friendly picture, and you can enable/disable auto-reports as you like.
Units of measurements can also be configured. This is a great and reliable alternative to the in-game AI AWACS calls over the radio.


More info can be found on the ED Forum Support Threads linked on the mission files.

Please note: These are mostly DYNAMIC SINGLEPLAYER/CO-OP MISSION. As of now, we have a campaign where progress is persisted and is on-going, but for now a dynamic single-scenario like this will most definitely fill the void of a large scale dynamic campaign as ED/DCS lacks proper resources for developers and designers to create a proper dynamic campaign without too many workarounds.