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F/A-18C Cockpit Enhancement Mod Pack

A collection of some nice cockpit and quality of life mods/tweaks for the F/A-18C Hornet:
– Custom CMS (Countermeasures) Programs

Program MAN 1 = 1C/1F
Program MAN 2 = 2C/2F
Program MAN 3 = 3c/3F …. etc.. etc…

You can edit the lua if you’d like to make your own.

– Cleaned up and Dark Cockpit Elements

-Removes most of the rugosity for parts that shouldn’t have it from the bump maps so they have a smoother surface.
-Hud and projector glass material with reflective effect.
-Analog gauges and AVTR cameras glass material.
-Removes canopy reflections and added glass material instead.
-Removes pre-baked DDI reflections.
-Improves DDI’s and AMPCD material and weathering.
-Clean Hud dashboard both color and material.
-realistic dust effect over dashboard, arround screws and some other parts.
-some material weathering over most visible parts.

You’ll have to apply the custom cockpits in your options once you install this mod:

– Controls Indicator Mod
Adds marker lines for precise control.

Mod sources:

– Interior Cockpit Sound Mod by deadlyfishes
Enjoy a more subtle and realistic cockpit sound. Again, like the other mods this is optional. – Please see this mod for an update on how to get this to work: “Deadlyfishes’ Subtle F/A-18C Cockpit Interior Sound”