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TTI Singleplayer Missions Changelog

Updated: 17 Mar 2024

This page is updated regularly and will serve as the main place to get info on the TTI SP Missions changes.

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Update March 17, 2024 – 1: TTI SP v2.4.9f

Update November 18, 2023 – 1: TTI SP v2.4.9a

Update October 26, 2023 – 1: TTI SP v2.4.8a

Update June 22, 2023 – 1: TTI SP v2.4.7a

Update June 11, 2023 – 1: TTI SP v2.4.5a

Update March 11, 2023 – 1: TTI SP v2.4.4a

Update March 1, 2023 – 1: TTI SP v2.4.3a

Update February 3, 2023 – 1: TTI SP v2.4.2a

Update January 12, 2023 – 1: TTI SP v2.4.0a

Update November 30, 2022 – 1: TTI SP v2.3.0a:

Major overhaul to tutorials, guides and general documentation for TTI SP:

Major overhaul to Random Air Traffic (RAT) Script:

Other updates, features and fixes:

Update October 27, 2022 – 2: TTI SP v2.2.7b

Update October 27, 2022 – 1: TTI SP v2.2.7a

Update July 25, 2022 – 1: TTI SP v2.2.5a

Update June 18, 2022 – 1: TTI SP v2.2.4d

Update May 30, 2022 – 1: v2.2.4a

UPDATE April 16, 2022 – 1: v2.2.1

UPDATE March 17, 2022 – 1: v2.2.0

Armored Vehicles:




UPDATE January 29, 2022 – 1: v2.1.0

You can request SEAD missions, AC130 Strikes, Buddy lase, Recon target area, etc easily through the F10 radio menu.

Video tutorials and information of this script package here:

UPDATE 10/06/21 – 1: v2.00b HOTFIX
All Maps:
~ Fixed an issue where the requested intel menu would repeat endlessly after the convoy mission spawns.

UPDATE 10/05/21 – 1: v2.00a
All Maps:
+ “TTI: Eras of War” Update:

This major update and overhaul to the TTI Mission adds a new “Mission Era” setting that allows you to instantly change the mission generation and ambient battlefield characteristics to a desired era of arial combat operations.
The following mission eras are available in this update:


Korean War

World War II


+ Added more units to the spawn pool lists and Zeus spawnable units list:

+ Added all WW2 Asset Pack Units to spawning pool/zeus list ONLY IF WW2 ASSET PACK OWNED AND ONLY WHEN ENABLED.

+ Fixed an issue with JTAC Drone Spawn for A2G Easy Mission 1.

UPDATE 09/06/21 – 1: v1.83m
All Maps:
+ Further improved custom user-created “Zeus” spawnable units, making it easier to create as many custom groups of all unit types as desired with easy to remember commands. Additionally, these custom units can be ‘transferred’ over to newer TTI missions or other TTI Maps. The included tutorial file goes in-depth on how to create and spawn these units.

Mariana Islands:
~ Fixed an issue where random air traffic spawns were not working.

UPDATE 08/23/21 – 1: v1.83k
+ Added many new custom display options for EWRS to allow players to show more or less information as desired for EWRS text box reports:
– Change number of max enemy threats displayed on reports
– Turn extra header text on/off
– Turn bandit’s speed/heading info on/off
– Change time interval between automatic reports.
– Added presets for ease of use; Default, Reduced, Minimal
Default: x4 bandits displayed, full bandit info, extra header text and threat level text on
Reduced: x3 bandits displayed, full bandit info, extra header texts off
Minimal: x2 bandits displayed, full bandit info, extra header text off

+ Added ability to edit enemy convoy unit composition in mission editor.

+ Added ability to edit custom “Zeus” spawnable ground groups in the mission editor.

UPDATE 07/17/21 – 1: v1.83f
– Fixed an issue where LSO/Marshall/Airboss SFX for the Airboss script were not playing
– Fixed an issue where some random SAM generation zones were not spawning correctly and/or designated properly by its JTAC (if JTAC at SAM sites are enabled)
– Added CVN-7X Relay helicopter on carrier maps.

 UPDATE 07/12/21 – 1: v1.83f

– Fixed an issue with CSAR forced rescue events were not spawning correctly.

– Fixed an issue where CSAR beacon/ADF was not working properly.

HOTFIX 04/26/21 – 1: v1.82b
– Fixed an issue were Zeus commands were not working properly in Caucasus.
– Adjusted SA-2 layout
– Adjusted enemy ground unit AI difficulty to ensure they do not remain dormant at times.

UPDATE 04/25/21 – 1: v1.82a

– First update since the release to DCS 2.7 Open Beta; Previous version of DCS Open Beta may be incompatible with this mission version.

– Fixed an issue where A2A AI spawned units via Zeus map marker command would descend to 3.7k feet immediately after spawning if they do not acquire a target right away.

– Fixed an issue where A2A AI spawned units via Zeus did not easily acquire a target.

– Added two missing tactical SAM (singleton vehicles) units to the regular and Zeus spawn lists; SA-13 and SA-19. They are omitted from the ground mission spawning pool by default, so un-comment them in their proper lists as desired.

– Added a weather preset and changed the time to ~18:00.

UPDATE 03/06/21 – 1: v1.80c

– Fixed an issue where using “-create jtac” was not working

– Added the “Zeus” spawnable unit list to the BRIEFING for better access (pause, show briefing or press LAlt+B to bring up the briefing)

UPDATE 02/21/21 – 1: v1.80b
– Changed how A2A enemy spawning works. Instead of using a random position within a single large zone which sometimes results in bandits spawning on top of you, there are now 10 random A2A enemy spawn starting position zones which you can move around to change generally where bandits may come from. It chooses one of these A2A enemy spawn zones at random each time an A2A enemy group is initiated.

– Added missing SA-15 Tor unit to spawning pool, database and zeus script. Unit list was also updated.

– Moved SFX files to their own directory instead of using the trigger list implementation, which saves nearly 1MB of filesize.

UPDATE 02/07/21 – 1: v1.80a
– Overhaul on all ground and air spawnable units at A2A and A2G Missions as well as “Zeus” spawnable units:
    – ALL DCS Aircraft and Ground Units are available to add/remove at all mission types.
    – ALL DCS Aircraft and Ground Units are available to spawn via “Zeus” spawning in real-time using map markers.
    – Free WW2 assets were also added to now allow for players to adjust the spawning pools to be more geared towards WW2 engagements.
A2A Missions are now more based on aircraft types rather than their group size/skill level. The default setup would be that easy aircraft will be less formidable types; L-39, C-101, etc, where hard aircraft will consist of Su-30, F-15C, etc. These templates can be adjusted to what the player is more comfortable with.

Expanding the unit pools and database within the mission to ALL DCS units will give players the ability to make any combination of enemy forces; Change the spawning pools to only spawn “Eastern” faction units or “Western” faction units for realistic engagements. The current setup is a mix between both “RED” and “BLUE” faction enemy units.

– Added an aircraft skill setting for both RED and BLUE AI aircraft.

– Allowed for changing out enemy unit spawning pools for all A2G mission types; A2G Easy, Hard, Helo, Infantry Assault, Anti-ship.

– Moved all “template” units to scripting for much more modularity and ease of mission maintenance/updates when new maps, modules units are released.

– Fixed an issue where editing the playable client slots would sometimes cause a crash/black screen on mission start.

– Fixed and polished countries and coalitions so that client aircraft and friendly coalition units have more customization potential.

– All client aircraft are set to their country of origin (ex. the Su-27 is set to Russia and the J-11A is set to China, etc…).

– Client aircraft slots further polished fixing many typos and naming formats.

– Added CSAR (search and rescue) script for all helicopters. A new CSAR menu was added, which also includes an option to FORCE a rescue mission on command. Simply fly to the downed pilot (Friendly infantry unit named “Wounded Pilot” on map) and hover over to pick them up. Bring them back to an airfield, FARP or ship to complete the rescue.
Additionally; Friendly player and AI that eject will spawn a new rescuable pilot where the ejection took place.

– Added an option that will limit the amount of aircraft spawned in via the F-10 – Other A2A spawning menu to prevent unlimited spamming of A2A missions. By default this option is set to allow for unlimited A2A mission stacking.

– Added an option for enabling/disabling the friendly carrier groups from attacking enemy aircraft.

– Renamed the Random Air Traffic (RAT) units in the editor to more generic names like “Large 1” or “Fighter 1” so that players can change out the type of aircraft the random air traffic will be in the editor. You can also edit their loadouts if applicable.

– Various base code improvements that allow for better performance overall.

UPDATE 12/05/2020 – 1: v1.72d

– Added F-14A Module
– Updated MOOSE for F-14A Airboss Compatibility

– Changed WPT name labels to match the zones they belong for easier customization/editing.

UPDATE 10/28/2020 – 1: v1.72b

– Added dynamic convoy missions;

*Convoys can be configured to auto-start or spawned via the mission spawner menu

*They will be randomly generated, the unit composition of the convoy will be varied

*Their starting positions and routes will be randomly selected

*They can be repeated like normal A2G Missions

*Using the F10 – Other Intel report will provide a L/L of the convoy’s position at the time of the intel being requested.

*Configurable option to allow for adding map markers on the F10 Map to show the convoy’s position (The convoy map marker will update when intel is requested)

– Fixed an issue for carrier maps where using CVN-75 caused datalink issues. All carrier maps will now use CVN-72 instead.

UPDATE 09/30/2020 – 1: v1.71a

– Added A-10C II module

– Added C-101CC module

– Added MiG-29G module

– Added AI Helo Transport Script



– Add new debug feature and option to remove enemy ground units that are dynamically spawned above ground on top of buildings, folliage etc…

– Fixed incorrect tanker information in briefing and kneeboard

– Joint Task force coalition add to use for ease of adding/changing units

– Change Kuznetsov country to Joint Task Force Coalition Blue

– Change Su-33 country to Joint Task Force Coalition Blue

– Removed intrusive config folder that blocked some custom client settings from being applied

– Removed redundant mission detection checks to improve performance

– Improvements and optimizations to JTAC Auto Lase script to improve performance

– Disabled a few mission types by default to improve performance

– Disabled Airboss Rescue Helo by default to improve performance

– Disabled F/A-18C and F-14B Ground Random Air Traffic spawns by default to improve performance

– Removed non-Super Carrier extra miz file and included tutorial in included README.txt on how to change the Super Carrier units to the free carrier units.

UPDATE 08/27/2020 – 1: v1.68d

– Fixed an issue where spawning “hmv” via Zeus map marker command wasn’t working

– New logic in A2G Mission spawning will now prevent the same mission from re-spawning after being completed. A different mission will be randomly selected.

– Ground mission vehicles will now spawn with a random heading/azimuth.

UPDATE 08/08/2020 – 1: v1.68a

– Updated ALL ground mission zones to use “zone polygons” which are essentially HAND-DRAWN boundaries within towns, cities, landmarks that still spawn units in a random position within the zone, but in a more realistic position to add a bit more immersion.

If you still like the “blob” of units in a circle formation in an open feel, there is a quick guide on how to get that spawning method back.

This WILL make missions a bit more challenging due to the fact that units easily blend in with buildings, trees and other structures a bit more. Feel free to re-draw the zones or move them as you’d like.

UPDATE 07/15/2020 – 1: v1.67a

!! – THIS UPDATE IS REQUIRED IF YOU WANT TO PLAY TTI SP on DCS Open Beta Version – !! – USE VERSION 1.66e if you are on a previous version of DCS Open Beta.

– Fixed a major issue where the some Chinese ships were removed/deleted from previous TTI SP mission v1.66 after updating to DCS Open Beta

– Added option to change Carrier AI traffic spawn settings to be hot/cold/runway

– Added option to change default JTAC drone laser code

– Added option to change CTLD Helo Troop Pickup Zone smoke color

– Added option to disable or enable CTLD Helo Troop Pickup Zone smoke

UPDATE 06/02/2020 – 1: v1.66e

– Fixed typo in Tanker Tacan channels in briefing and kneeboard

– Tanker Tacans now properly broadcast callsign, distance, and bearing in the Y/TR/AA mode as intended.

UPDATE 05/26/2020 – 1: v1.66d

– Added Super Carrier Deck Layout Menu to TTI Maps with the Super Carrier


Big thanks to Redkite for allowing me to add these amazing static deck layouts for the Super Carrier.

Layout Scripts Created by Redkite


UPDATE 05/24/2020 – 1: v1.66c


Fixed an issue where SA-11 template units were not set to late activation

All Maps:

– Fixed an issue where WPT/Mission Map Markers were not deleting when a mission was complete.

– Added an option to enable/disable JTAC Drones at all A2G Missions

UPDATE 05/21/2020 – 1: v1.66b – IMPORTANT HOTFIX


Fixed a major issue where a WWII Asset Pack unit was accidentally placed on the map, making the map un-playable and un-editable for those who do not own the WWII Asset Pack DLC.


– Fixed an issue where the default AI Air Traffic spawns were set to hilariously high spawn rate.

All Maps:

– Fixed a major issue where setting A2A Carrier Bombers to “true” caused a script error loop.

– Added a new method to detect map/terrain type to make better use of shared scripts. This is more of a back-end scripting improvement and won’t affect gameplay.

– Added reference point ships by the carrier for CASE I recovery procedures.

UPDATE 05/20/2020 – 1: v1.66a –


All TTI SP Maps:

– Optimized Intel reports to be more ‘modular’ to make updating the mission easier.

– Added ROE Weapons Free to enemy fighter escorts that escort bombers.

TTI SP Maps with Carrier Ops:

– Added second MIZ file to support Super Carrier optionally to avoid having players going into the mission editor to change the carrier.

– Super Carrier CVN-7X added to second miz

– Super Carrier Kuznetsov added to second miz

– Fixed a major bug where enabling ship AI causes a script error loop

– Updated Moose Script Framework to support the Airboss Mod update to work with the Stennis and new Super Carriers.

UPDATE 05/08/2019 – 1: v1.63f

Improved A2A Intercept Bomber Mission logic:

– Bomber escort fighters will now properly spawn near bomber and follow them

– An air raid siren sound and notification will let the player know when the bombers begin their attack.

Added new settings:

enable_airbase_bombers = set true or false if you want bombers that attack your main airbase

enable_carrier_bombers = set true or false if you want bombers that attack ships (only where anti-ship missions are available)

enable_bomber_escorts = set true or false if you want bombers with escort fighters

ground_bomber_amount = how many bombers at each spawn

ship_bomber_amount = how many bombers at each spawn

Other small changes:

– Moved “Ground Intel” menu option to the front end of the F10 – Other menu.

– Added UI SFX for the ground location intel report

UPDATE 05/04/2019 – 1: v1.63a

– Fixed a2g helo/infantry assault missions, they now are recognized as different missions

– Fixed a major issue for A2A helo missions that didnt allow them to spawn correctly

– Fixed an issue where some JTACs would not be high enough for missions in mountainous areas.

– Enabled airboss by default

– Enabled random air traffic by default

– Added slower KC-135 for a10

– Fixed kneeboard text to provide more tanker information such as flight level and speed.

– Aadded TONS options for random air traffic, including fighter jet/carrier ops random air traffic: (expand spoiler text to see all new options)

random_civ_air_traffic = SET TRUE OR FALSE if you want random civilian air traffic doing their own thing at random airfields.

random_fighter_air_traffic = SET TRUE OR FALSE if you want random fighter jet air traffic doing their own thing at random airfields.

— # of civ aircraft spawns PER TYPE,

civ_rat_spawns = the amount of civilian ai air traffic spawns per type

— set # of fighter aircraft spawns, for each type individually

fighter_rat_a10_spawns = 1

fighter_rat_f18_grnd_spawns = 1

fighter_rat_f18_cv_spawns = 1

fighter_rat_f16_spawns = 1

fighter_rat_f15_spawns = 1

fighter_rat_f14_grnd_spawns = 1

fighter_rat_f14_cv_spawns = 1

— misc flight settings

air_traffic_flight_level = the flight level of ai air traffic (100 = 10,000 ft)

max_distance_destination = the max distance to a random airfield the ai air traffic will travel to in KM

civ_allow_immortal = true or false to allow civ aircraft to be immortal

civ_allow_invisible = true or false to allow civ aircraft to be invisible

fighter_jet_combat_mode = set free/hold/return combat mode for fighter jets

— free is weapons free, ai will go on offensive

— hold is weapons hold, they will not fire

— return is return fire, they will only fire when fired upon.

fighter_jet_immortal = true or false to allow fighter jets to be immortal

fighter_jet_invisible = true or false to allow fighter jets to be invisbile to AI

— enable or disable ai aircraft types that will spawn in (use true or false)

— civilian

enable_yak = true or false

enable_c130 = true or false

enable_c17 = true or false

enable_an26 = true or false

— fighter jet

enable_f14_cv_to_ground = spawns an f14 on the carrier, which will then land on a ground airfield

enable_f14_ground_to_cv = spawns an f14 on a ground airfield, which will then land on the carrier

enable_f18_cv_to_ground = spawns an f18 on the carrier, which will then land on a ground airfield

enable_f18_ground_to_cv = spawns an f18 on a ground airfield, which will then land on the carrier

enable_f14 = true or false (nttr only)

enable_f15 = true or false

enable_f16 = true or false

enable_f18 = true or false (nttr only)

enable_a10 = true or false

– Added option for JTACs to spawn at the random SAM spawn sites


– Added option for enemy ships to attack/defend or do nothing

enemy_ship_ai = SET TRUE OR FALSE if you want enemy AI ships to attack/defend or do nothing.

– Made Random Mission Name visible when mission starts

– Removed JF-17 Refueling Probe by default

– Mounted DDM Sensors for M-2000C by default

– Changed some radio menu text to make “Ground Mission Location Intel” more obvious and visible.

– Updated backend scripting engine (latest MOOSE version as of May 2020)

– Optimized Mission Detection logic to be significantly less taxing on CPU, will now only be searching within ACTIVE ZONES rather than ALL ZONES.

UPDATE 04/16/20 – 1: v1.61a

– Fixed an issue where EWRS was not working properly

– Removed Reset AWACS from debug

– LHA-1 Tarawa matches patch of CVN-74 (on carrier maps only)

– JTAC Target Reports now show DM.M, DMS.S and MGRS

– KC-135 speed adjusted for F-16C usage ~Mach 0.6

UPDATE 03/09/20 – 1: v1.60a – Major update for 2.5.6 Compatibility

Updated compatible DCS 2.5.6 OpenBeta MOOSE (experimental dev) framework

– Random Air Traffic DISABLED by default due to instability in 2.5.6 Open Beta (feel free to re-enable at your own risk and discretion.)

– Airboss Script DISABLED by default due to instability in 2.5.6 Open Beta (feel free to re-enable at your own risk and discretion.)

UPDATE 01/02/20 – 1: v1.59a

– Added A2A Helo Mission via menu and configurable auto-spawns

– Red and Blue Helo Zeus spawns added to zeus spawn list (check included spawnable units list or briefing for more details)

– Fixed tanker track from running into terrain.

UPDATE 12/04/19 – 1: v1.58b

– Added JF-17 module

UPDATE 10/26/19 – 1: v1.58a

– Added Airboss Voice Audio Clips

– Removed WPTS from F-14B as they cannot be utilized and cause errors in the ME.

UPDATE 10/22/19 – 1: v1.57a

– Updated Moose Frameworkto latest version

– Added AIRBOSS Script:

– Included config options for Airboss

UPDATE 10/03/19 – 1: v1.56a

– Added F-16C Viper Slots x2

– Added a fix for enemy aircraft causing a ground mission to appear active when it flies through the zone. Mission zones will now ignore flying units.

– Changed dynamic JTAC spawning logic so that the dynamically crated JTAC names will now state which mission type they are marking for, making better use of the “JTAC Status” feature in the F10 – Other Menu

UPDATE 09/03/19 -1: v1.55a

– Added new JTAC Auto Lase Logic to now include ELEVATION IN FT of the marked target:


Big thanks to SanekFl for helping me find the scripting logic to implement this. SanekFl said: I looked into script and added target elevation info. Please review pull request

– Added a new map marker command “-delete jtac” that will remove the last zeus-spawned jtac. A new message appears when creating a zeus jtac to remind you of this new command and feature.

UPDATE 08/17/19 – 1: v1.54a

-Fixed a major issue with map-marker zeus spawns not working correctly after the latest OB update from 8/14/17…1&postcount=66

This latest version of TTI is REQUIRED if you wish to get map=marker zeus spawns to work properly again.

– Changed logic for JTAC units to optimize performance. JTAC units are now generated dynamically with mission zones and will be removed once the mission is complete.

Additionally, this means you can move mission zones around in the mission if you’d like, but the mission intel will be incorrect. You can use the JTAC Status as a work-around to get the coordinates of the designated targets if you aren’t relying on the F10 Map.

– Added a new JTAC zeus spawn that you can create anywhere on the map to spawn a JTAC recon drone to auto-lase/designate and smoke targets. The code for these JTAC drones created by zeus map marker spawning is always 1685 for now. I do have future plans to edit this on the fly. You can make as many of these as you’d like.


NOTE: For TTI Normandy WW2 , you must use “recon” instead of “jtac” to spawn the auto-lase/designating sentry unit.

UPDATE 07/03/2019 – 1: v1.53c HOTFIX

Fixed a script error that prevented the trigger list lua file (main script file) from loading due to an error with CTLD file still in this version. This would occur when you set SlingLoading to false.

UPDATE 06/25/2019 – 1: v1.53a

– JTAC Autolase Target Reports are reformatted for easier reading and now provide Lat/Long SECONDS (DMS). Perfect for JDAMs, JSOWs and navigation systems that cannot use lat/long decimal format.


– There is now a new option for HELO SLINGLOADING to be enabled or disabled.

Enabled = uses real rope/sling on helos that have the sling feature. If there is no sling for the helo, then you cannot sling load with it.

Disabled = hover over the crate to carry it. Any helo can use this feature.


– Missions will now have unique procedural generated operation names, giving these missions a bit more character. This is more useful on our multiplayer servers, but we may do more with this in the near future.


UPDATE 06/01/2019 – 1: v1.52b

– Fixed an error where some blue units were not spawnable via the ‘zeus spawns’

– Changed the A2A Intercept mission to spawn 3 bombers that will be somewhat grouped up. They have 3 possible spawn locations on the map that will be chosen at random each time they are triggered.

– Added new bombers to the spawnable units list:








UPDATE 05/29/2019 – 1: v1.52a

– Added ability to STACK ZEUS-Spawned units:


– Added MANY more units that can be spawnable via “zeus” map marker spawns. List is on the main post, included as a text file in the zip along with the in-game briefing.

UPDATE 03/18/2019 – 1: v1.51c

– Further addressed and fixed an issue where EWRS and the MISSION SPAWNING radio menus were not properly working.

UPDATE 03/14/2019 – 1: v1.51b

– Added INS Stored Alignment to all F-14B slots

(This significantly shortens the INS alignment time when using “Fine Alignment”)

– Implemented new F10 Radio Menu logic that refreshes the menu regularly so that new players that join after the host will also have access to the radio menu.

– Fixed an issue where the friendly A2A backup units did not have any weapons loaded.

UPDATE 03/13/2019 – 1: v1.51

– Added 2 F-14B slots to the mission

Note: I’m aware of the F10 Mission Spawning menus not working for anyone except for the host. I have a fix in place, but I need more time to test it to ensure it works properly. For now it’s best ran with the host playing instead of using this mission on a dedicated machine if you wish to use the mission spawning and intel F10 menus.

UPDATE 03/04/2019 – 1: v1.50

– Changed TACAN frequencies of ships/tankers to fix AWACS D/L for the F/A-18C

– Added RWR for the MiG-19P

– Removed static objects on carriers

UPDATE 03/02/2019 – 1: v1.33a – HOTFIX

– Fixed a critical scripting error that broke mission spawns. All works now.

– AWACS Frequency returned to 251mhz AM as listed in the kneeboard and briefing.

UPDATE 03/02/2019 – 1: v1.33

Added MiG-19P

– “Refreshed” units that affect the new F/A-18C Data Link Update

– Fixed incorrect frequency listing in the custom kneeboard.

UPDATE 02/12/2019 – 1: v1.32

Added a new “A2A Intercept Bombers” mission type.

– Added new config options to set time for enemy bomber auto spawns and options to enable/disable them. ​