Through The Inferno [DCS World]

Dynamic and Engaging Air Combat Operations for DCS World

107th Joint Aviation Squadron

We are looking for very active community members who uphold the highest standards of Through The Inferno and go above and beyond the standards set forth within our community standards. In short, we expect a 107th prospect to be extremely active on both the server, and discord, insanely friendly within the community, and a person who other community players both instantly recognize, and highly respect.

In contrary to a regular squadron that might focus on a couple of aircraft/platform and run a catered mission for those, Through The Inferno provides us with a dynamic battleground and environment. Randomized targets, moving assets and AI mixed with real life weather just to name a few. All this combined with human AWACS / ATC / FAC services enable us to offer the most wholistic  PvE experience out there, using everything that DCS has to offer.

As a way to try to describe what being a 107th pilot is, here is a list what a 107th pilot is not:

 Our goal is to offer an advanced online collaborative PvE experience for our players, and as a member, you are expected to uphold that by overcoming dynamic and challenging scenarios, we achieve this by working collaboratively with each other. A simple way to put it is to say that a 107th pilot is someone that is interested in more than just flying an aircraft but also interested in how it’s done in real life.

Once someone becomes a 107th-Recruit, they are expected to finish a basic airmanship qualification within an allotted time, this lets us know that the player understands some basic concepts like landing patterns, navigation and formations in order to safely fly with the squadron. After a basic qualification is completed, a recruit will need to complete the airframe qualification they applied for before he or she becomes a full member.

Role & Platforms:

During many events, the 107th refined which roles are valuable to effectively succeed in an ever-changing tactical scenarios . Here is a quick detail of them, see if there is one you like:

Each role specialization come with cons as well (not detailed here) so that’s why working together makes up for it.