Through The Inferno [DCS World]

Dynamic and Engaging Air Combat Operations for DCS World

107th Joint Aviation Squadron

The 107th JAS is looking to expand our squadron of skilled DCS pilots and controllers. Unlike traditional squadrons in DCS, the 107th JAS operates a far wider selection of modules to execute highly dynamic mission taskings. Brought together by our love of military tactics and hardware, aviation, and community, the members of the 107th JAS are always up to chat or fly.

Each of the modules that is operated by the 107th JAS has an associated qualification. Recruits are expected to be moderately proficient in the flying, safe employment, and communication related to the aircraft that they wish to qualify in. The training and qualification pipeline shows recruits not only how to most effectively operate their aircraft but also how to work in conjunction with other DCS modules to achieve the commander’s intent during our missions.

In addition to taking pride in our members ability to operate their aircraft, the 107th JAS holds its members to the highest standards of battlefield planning and communications. Using doctrine derived from current and retired US and NATO publications, the 107th JAS pilots and controllers plan and execute missions using real world tactics, brevity, and standards.

Potential recruits are expected to be active in the DCS Through the Inferno (TTI) Discord Server where they should be in good conduct standing. One requirement of new recruits is character references that must be provided by current or retired squadron members. The best way to develop contacts who will be able to provide those references is by taking part in community events, missions, and being present in Discord voice channels. A current list of squadron airframes that are open to new recruits can be found in the TTI Discord server under the Squadron Info channel.

If you are looking for a challenging, active, and engaging squadron, consider getting to know the 107th JAS. Join us in the Discord and express your interest in the squadron to get started. We hope to see you on the servers and in the skies real soon.

-107th JAS Squadron Chairs