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DCS Mods

Updated: 06 Oct 2017

Find our useful and popular mods and apps here:

Mod Tools and Management:

DCS World Mod Management Tool JSGME [GUIDE]
DCS World Mod Management Tool JSGME [DOWNLOAD]
An essential app to easily activate/deactivate mods with a single click to DCS World

Comms applications and mods:

SRS Radio

Sound Mods:

deadlyfishes’ DCS SFX Overhaul Collection
-G breath
-Interior/Exterior Afterburner
-RWR Sounds from Ralfidude+Tetra
-A10 Realsound
-Far jet sound rumble
-Ambient Environment Sounds
-Mechanical/Hydraulic Sounds
– + Many more!

Aircraft Skin Mods:

deadlyfishes’ Unlocked Liveries v1
– Unlocks liveries in-game and in-editor that you usually don’t see because liveries are directly locked to the country you choose.

So far, most or all liveries in this mod unlock them for the following aircraft:
F-15C, Su-33, Su-27, Su-25, MiG-29S, F-5E, SA342, A-10A/C, M-2000C

Cockpit Mods:

English, “worn”, and other cockpit mods for various aircraft by Devrim

NVG Mod for M-2000C

Game/Utility Mods:

Ace Combat Infinity FC3 Theme by deadlyfishes (With music)
A-10C HUD Symbology one-degree Up
Werewolf’s Re-heat Afterburner mods

Terrain Mods: These will not pass Integrity check as 1.5.7

Mustang’s Terrain Texture Mod
Barthek’s GTM v10
Starways Caucasus Terrain Mods