Through The Inferno [DCS World]

Dynamic and Engaging Air Combat Operations for DCS World

Play on our TTI DCS World Servers now!

You can find our DCS World servers on the multiplayer list in-game labeled as “Through The Inferno DYNAMIC DCS 107th Public” or something like that.

Our servers are always going to be running the LATEST VERSION available of DCS World. This means we’ll be using Betas/Alphas or whatever else is running the latest version.
You can find the list of the latest updates and changelogs for DCS here:

It’s also a nice guide on updating your game manually. You can even revert to older versions and also convert stable release installs to beta installs.

We recommend using STANDALONE vs the STEAM versions, but please remember to opt-in to BETA or ALPHA versions if the latest version of the server is on a BETA or ALPHA version.

If you would like to connect via DIRECT IP: