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New EPIC Video! – Through The Inferno – MP Server Features & Overview

Through The Inferno – MP Server Features and Overview Video!

Hey all! Rz and I just finished our brand new epic MP Server Features/Overview Video and published it on YouTube.

Rz did a fantastic job with video production and editing while I supported his work with my music and audio work.

Video Production, Editing and Narration by:
[107th] “Rz” 022

Music, Sound Design and Audio Production by:
Matthew Pablo – [107th] “deadlyfishes” 100

Custom 107th JAS aircraft skins by:
[107th] “Recoil” 016
[107th-R] Wolfpack 916

Enjoy the new eye candy and be sure to subscribe to our channel since we will be uploading new content soon!

I can’t say this enough, but new servers, missions and epic media content wouldn’t be possible without you guys! Thank you all for your support!