Through The Inferno [DCS World]

Dynamic and Engaging Air Combat Operations for DCS World

Multiplayer Server Update – May 6, 2020

Updated: 11 May 2020

+ Added L-39 Slots to Tbilisi.
+ Slightly reduced the amount of SAM Sites at A2G Hard and Deep Strike Missions to reduce the amount of detection radars that cause some desync/lag issues.
+ BULLSEYE moved to Sochi Airbase.
+ Added wind mark to Sochi (Check F10).

NTTR Frontlines:
+ Adjusted tanker tracks.
+ Added KLSV TAC X 21L and ILS X 21L marks.
+ Enabled Enemy Helo Patrols. They spawn from Helo zones and fly towards FARP Plutonium, then proceed to Creech.
+ Added Init_helo and init_helo_mistral spawns.
+ Adjusted frequency of Helo Spawns. After 5 minutes of server initialization they will spawn. They currently spawn in 40 minute intervals for testing purposes.
+ Adjusted Air to Air Routes for enemy AI CAP. They are now a factor in Frontlines and don’t hang out of the AO.
+ Fixed CTLD not spawning crates at some FARPS on NTTR FL.
+ Added frequency presets to applicable aircraft.
+ Added wind mark to Nellis (Check F10).

+ Information letters are now randomized on start.
+ Updated to SRS v1.8 protocol.
+ Thanks rkusa