Through The Inferno [DCS World]

Dynamic and Engaging Air Combat Operations for DCS World

Our TTI DCS 1.5.8 and 2.2 servers now feature fully dynamic ground missions!

Instead of pre-made units and positions that are ALWAYS the same and static for all ground missions, we have scrapped all of that and replaced it with dynamic spawns.

How does it work?
The zone areas for A2G, A2GH for example, are still in the same location as always.
What’s different, is that when a mission for a zone is initiated, it will spawn 25-ish units inside a mission zone.

This makes it VERY dynamic, and eliminates the issue where units re-spawn again back in the same position, essentially ‘inside’ the previously destroyed unit.
This method is used for all ground missions, anti-ship missions (when we re-open them) and even some of the special strike missions

Frontlines in 2.2 is still the same.

We are also introducing our dynamic southern AO region in NTTR 2.2, there are randomly generated dynamic units that move in a convoy and are also designated via drone. Check out the new options in the F10 Other Menu. This is in very early stages.Because of this, the mission files have been dramatically decreased in size and removed A LOT of pre-load issues.
If you had issues loading into our servers before, you should have an easier time now.

This will also help us create TTI on new maps as they come out with ease.

There has also been a change to tasking check-in for ground missions:

A2G Jet, A2G Helo, A2G Infantry Assault and Multirole missions are always available, no need to call in for tasking. You still need to request intel to see where they are though, or ask the JTAC status.
Once a mission is cleared out, a new one will automatically spawn.

Let us know if there are any issues in our Discord channel. More updates to come, and please let us know of any balance issues with the ground missions. We can easily tweak the ground vehicle templates.