Through The Inferno [DCS World]

Dynamic and Engaging Air Combat Operations for DCS World

Singleplayer Missions Update – May 4, 2020

Updated: 11 May 2020

+Fixed A2G Helo/Infantry assault missions, they now are recognized as different missions
+Fixed a major issue for A2A Helo Missions that didn’t allow them to spawn correctly
+Fixed an issue where some JTACs would not be high enough for missions in mountainous areas.
+Enabled Airboss by default
+Enabled random air traffic by default
+Added slower KC-135 for A-10C
+Fixed kneeboard text to provide more tanker information such as flight level and speed.
+Added TONS options for random air traffic, including fighter jet/carrier ops random air traffic (more info here <> )
+Added option for JTACs to spawn at the random SAM spawn sites
+Added option for enemy ships to attack/defend or do nothing
+Made Random Mission Name visible when mission starts
+Removed JF-17 Refueling Probe by default
+Mounted DDM Sensors for M-2000C by default
+Changed menu text to make “Ground Mission Location Intel” more obvious and visible.
+Updated to latest MOOSE
+Optimized Mission Detection logic to be significantly less taxing on CPU, will now only be searching within ACTIVE ZONES rather than ALL ZONES.