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107th JAS Navaids – Caucasus v1.6 – by Jaffa and Recoil

by Jaffa and Recoil

This modification adds countless NAVAIDs to the Caucasus theatre, be it VORs, VOR/DMEs, VORTACs or TACANs. Some of them are positioned at airfields, some are enroute stations meant to facilitate the navigation throughout Georgia and Russia. A number of these NAVAIDs are loosely based of real stations, but some are made up. In addition to these, we have also addded ILS LOCs/GSs to commonly used airports that did not have them before and while doing that we also added ICLS LOCs/GSs to a number of fields.

To give pilots a better overview of these changes, Kneeboard plates containing frequencies for our added NAVAIDs are included with the modification.
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