Through The Inferno

107th JAS Official DCS World Multiplayer Servers

2.5 Frequencies

These are to be used on DCS 2.5 only

Usage Frequency
ATC/CTAF/Traffic (Player controlled | SRS) 251
MCCOM/GCI/Air-to-Air (Player controlled | SRS) 254
A2G Common / JTAC (Player controlled | SRS) 124
Tankers (See briefing for TCN Channels) 267


Use this frequency for traffic calls and coordinating with ATC for airfield operation. Their airspace extend 15nm from your departure or arrival airfield and extends up to 10,000ft.

Callsign (+ Num. Wingmen), Location, Altitude

Things you need to call ATC for:


This frequency is for coordinating mission operations, A2A GCI and flight following of transiting flights.

Airspace is 10,000ft and up. It’s used for coordinating the mission amongst flights in the air, kind of the equivalent of you Center controller in civilian world. This is also the A2A GCI coordinating frequency which makes it quite busy therefor here is the list of communication that you are expected to perform on this frequency and no more:

Callsign, Location, Altitude

Callsign, Location, Recovery Airbase/Request

A2G Common / JTAC:

This is the channel used for coordinating A2G weapon delivery, mission execution and JTAC operations. This frequency is used only by A2G flights.

Tune to this frequency when arriving in the AO and instructed by MCCOM or ATC and use it for the following items:

ATC / MCCOM GCI / A2G JTAC always have the final say and you are expected to comply with any instructions received, regardless if they break the aforementioned guidelines above.