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107th Joint Aviation Squadron

What is the 107th

The 107th JAS is an entity within the Through The Inferno (TTI) community. Its goal is to offer an advanced online collaborative PvE experience in DCS, for various pilots and in a respectful and developmental environment.

We focus on overcoming  dynamic and challenging scenarios,we achieve this by working collaboratively with each other. During our events, we try to replicate real life tactical situations that can only be completed by everyone pulling their weight. Therefore, we operate differently from other virtual squadrons out there, this is why we are a JAS; Joint Aviation Squadron. We think we can offer more than just flying and operating an aircraft.

In contrary to a regular squadron that might focus on a couple of aircraft/platform and run a catered mission for those, Through The Inferno (TTI) provides us with a dynamic battleground and environment. Randomized targets, moving assets and AI mixed with real life weather just to name a few. All this combined with human AWACS / ATC / FAC services enable us to offer the most wholistic  PvE experience out there, using everything that DCS has to offer.

Because of this philosophy, we organise the squadron based on what is best for our Mission Commanders (MCOMs) to use during an event. Like a strategy game for DCS, some units are used for certain roles or some units can be specialized into one. As a member of the 107th, pilots train to be as proficient as possible in the role that they are to provide during an operation. Providing an efficient assets to the whole squadron is the key to succeeding in the very challenging situations the JAS has to tackle.

Each flight resultant of this organization is a different entity with its own operating rules as well as specific attitude and values. We proud ourselves in the fact that we can fit people of various interest in flight-simming into the right flight.

Another way to describe where the 107th is in terms of simulation and gameplay is how you would describe the difference between Squad and a full fledge Arma 3 combined arms COOP mission. They both are realistic and cooperative, but only one of them does it on full scale and collaboratively.

What is expected of you as a 107th pilot

A simple way to put it is to say that a 107th pilot is someone that is interested in more than just flying an aircraft but also interested in how it’s done in real life. That includes being  a good teammate, procedures so that everyone gets to fly safely and not crash into each other and just a good dose of common sense.

As a way to try to describe what being a 107th pilot is, here is a list what a 107th pilot is not:

Role & Platforms:

During many events, the 107th refined which roles are valuable to effectively succeed in an ever-changing tactical scenarios . Here is a quick detail of them, see if there is one you like:

Each role specialization come with cons as well (not detailed here) so that’s why working together makes up for it.

Template for applications:

If you haven’t don’t it yet, read fully the wall of text above, we will know if you don’t.
Copy and paste everything below this line and answer the questions before posting it to Discord.

DCS IN-GAME username:


Timezone (Zulu-Offset) and Location:

Can you speak and understand English fluently?

What is your aircraft of choice with which you want to qualify for the 107th?

Approximate flight time of your chosen aircraft:

Describe your proficiency with your chosen aircraft:

Describe your weaknesses with your chosen aircraft:

Describe your goals as a member of the 107th JAS:

List all flight-sim related hardware, if any:

Do you need further assistance with SRS setup even after following our setup guide?

What days/hours are you available?

Tag and list current 107th JAS members you have flown with previously, if any:

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