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[Frontlines] TTI DCS 2.x

Updated: 08 Dec 2017

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Objective Zones:
There are two separate pushback and persistent areas. If you kill one completely it unlocks the next in line.
[AO Alpha] -Groom AFB > Tonopah Test Range
[AO Bravo] -Alamo City > Lincoln Airport & Surrounding Area

Each zone has numerous SAMs from IR, medium radar, to long range radar. SEAD is required or extremely skilled CAS pilot using terrain to their advantage. CAP should be reminded some of these SAMs can shoot higher than you can fly. So stay clear distance wise. Kill Groom and Tonopah spawns. Kill Alamo and Lincoln spawns. Good luck

Frontlines is a persistent and in the near future will be a dynamic mission. It requires you to use teamwork and all of your resources to eliminate targets. CAP, CAS, and Helos all have their own frequencies and guidelines in the outline below as well.

Each mission is not designed to be easy and requires you to think about your attacks and coordinate with others to achieve the objective. SRS comms are required at all times. Anyone caught flying solo without comms and stepping on another person operating a mission will be kicked without warning. Repeat offenders who continue to disrespect the rest will be banned.

There is no excuse for becoming a hazard to others by not being on comms and communicating your intentions. This is a team effort and requires everyone to be on their A game. If you are not a skilled pilot and want to participate find someone to pair up with. We have classic TTI missions for all aircraft that are designed for beginners. It works the same as it does in 1.5.

Creech AFB is for 107th JAS members only. If you have access to a 107th slot or a JAS slots then you can operate out of that airbase. If not you must use Nellis AFB. Groom Lake, once captured, is a joint airbase for all members working the frontlines to use to rearm/refuel. Any unauthorized aircraft landing at Creech AFB will be kicked unless it is clear you had an emergency and this was the nearest airbase.  

The objective of Frontlines is to kill off an AO or zone and another is activated. Once all units have been killed off the server will reset Frontlines on restart. In the future with more time and development we will have dynamic missions that change each time they are cleared out. For right now our goal is server performance and player performance testing.

Oscar Juliet – Mission Dev – Unit placement and design
Deadlyfishes – Mission Dev – Scripting
Topper – Mission Dev – Scripting for persistence and weather

[Frontlines] – SRS Frequencies

Please read the details of each frequency below. We share one SRS server for our 1.5 and 2.1 servers. Make sure you don’t step on any frequencies the 1.5 server uses by clicking here.

That will direct you to our frequency section. Any non listed frequency can be used for private comms.

All aircraft must be on 255AM while in the area doing combat sorties. Helicopters who can’t are not required. This is to ensure any and all other aircraft can contact you if necessary. This is not a chit chat channel. This is for combat and urgent messages only. If you can’t be contacted on 255AM you risk being kicked.

AO Alpha Operations: 123AM (Groom Lake & Tonopah) 
This frequency is for CAS air to ground operations regardless of the aircraft. If you are CAS/Multirole/other and intend to kill ground targets you must call out rifle/pickle/ect here to notify other ground forces.

AO Bravo Operations: 125AM (Alamo City & Lincoln Airport) 
This frequency is for CAS and air to ground operations regardless of the aircraft. If you are CAS/Multirole/other and intend to kill ground targets you must call out rifle/pickle/ect here to notify other ground forces.

[BOTH AOs] All Flights / UNICOM: 255AM
This frequency should be monitored at all times by all aircraft. If you can’t be reached on the frequency you may be kicked from our server. This frequency serves all aircraft for cross communication. If you need to talk to another plane but don’t know their private frequency you try here. All human AWACs/GCI/MCOM will operate here during NON-TTI hosted events. This is the frequency used on the day to day. CAP may use this to call out fox and bandit calls to other CAP who are not on a private frequency.

FM Navigation Beacons
-Farp Sonic FM Beacon: 35FM
-Farp Donalds FM Beacon: 45FM

Notice: TTI will host private and sometimes password protected events on the 2.1 server. These events can be found listed on our discord under #events. During an event CAP will check in on 255 and swap to 253. All human AWACs/GCI/MCOM will be reachable on 255 and 253. CAS and other flights are expected to use 255 while CAP is expected to use 253. CAP may use 253 to call out fox and bandit calls to other CAP who are not on a private frequency. 253 has been provided so CAS and other flights are not overwhelmed with calls that do not apply to them on 255am during events.

AO Altitude Restrictions:
Helicopters will operate as low as safely possible to not conflict airspace, CAS will operate 20,000ft AGL and below, and CAP will operate above 20,000ft AGL and maintain minimum safe distance from AO SAMs. These are rough guidelines to keep midair incidents from happening.

Persistence Information:
Only the Frontlines missions will be saved through restarts. Any CTLD built SAMs or dropped JTACs will not be saved at this time. On a small note the mission is saved by the group of units. For example if there is a group of 5 tanks and you kill 3 of them. On restart there will be 5 tanks there. You will need to kill the entire group to make it disappear permanently.

CAP Flights:
Your job is to keep the CAS and SEAD flights alive so they can do their job. If you are not a multirole aircraft (MR) then you should not be doing CAS operations with a CAP plane. It is suggest you make wide patrol patterns from AO Alpha to AO Bravo if you want the possibility to have more random enemy CAP. If you are MR make sure to swap to the CAS frequency when you intend to hit targets. 

CAS & SEAD Flights:
Work together to bring down the enemy SAM and AAA network. SU-25Ts are recommended to run SEAD until the priority threats are down. A10cs are recommended to run lightly loaded with Mavericks until the priority threats are down. Rearm with heavy CAS loadouts once the SAM network has been eliminated.

Coordinate all friendly forces in on air and ground targets when possible. Previous restrictions have been lifted for testing. Only call ground targets when asked by a CAS flight. 

Your priority tasking depends on the current state of the mission and time until restart. Early on after a restart it is your job to built a network of CTLD Hawk sites to defend your FOBs and Groom Lake airbase when it is captured. You can bring in JTACs and other NATO ground forces to the front for GCI’s to command. Once the enemy SAM network is down you’re free to move in for limited CAS and CSAR. Just remember CTLD built objects don’t persist through restart. Also you can’t rearm at Tonopah Airport. You must use the farp (zulu) mid field to rearm/refuel. Farp Zulu and Sonic are slot blocked until the first line of the AO is pushed back.

NOTE: Certain parts of CTLD are causing server crashes and some pieces may not be available if at all to you.

What is expected of all pilots?

Every flight must check in via 255AM when approaching an AO zone. This is to notify everyone including GCI and other flights that you’re now on station.

In both of the following examples it is assumed that there are other units on station and you’re trying to coordinate with them.

Example 1: (Group Flight Approaching an AO)
Approaching AO Alpha on 255AM
“This is Pandion flight, 4x ship of A10c’s, on approach for AO Alpha”
Switch over to 123AM AO Alpha CAS frequency
“This is Pandion flight, 4x ship of A10c’s, will operate on the W side of AO Alpha in the valley.”
From here on out call out all rifle and combat dialogue on 123AM, the flight leader should report all enemy CAP movements on 255AM.

Example 2: (Solo Flight Approaching an AO)
Approaching AO Bravo on 255AM
“This is User1234, 1x ship of Mirage, on approach for AO Bravo, CAP support request tasking”
From this point out GCI will command you or another flight will contact you and tell you to work with them on a private frequency.

It is much easier for a group flight to report in and work together. It is the solo flight’s that really need to communicate and work with the others. If you are thought to be going rogue and not working as a team you will be kicked.

A group flight should always try to implement a solo flight unit into their coordination. Though if the solo flight is not up to skill for such a task then they may tasked to do something that won’t interfere with you.

A group flight or a flight already on station always has command of the field until they are RTB. The only exception is if a 107th flight lead comes on station and takes command.

Overall this mission demands teamwork and professionalism. If you can’t handle your aircraft, don’t use teamwork and are highly unprofessional with your radio communications you will be kicked/banned from our server.