Through The Inferno

107th JAS Official DCS World Multiplayer Servers

#5 Agara Highway “Convoy Refuel Depot” MM05

Refuel depot on the road just slightly Northwest of Agara. Intel suggests a convoy of trucks and armor has just recently arrived. While the depot is reported to be lightly defended, Strelas have been sighted and thus require attacking aircrafts to be cautious of surprise SAM launches. (Original joke version) A drunk general in charge of a fuel convoy thought he could stop and build a sneeki breeki house. Perhaps he forgot about air attacks and left it with very few anti-air defenses. Please send him my regards, 500lbs at a time…

DMM: 4202.500 4350.200
MGRS: 38T MM 03717 55056

Difficulty: Hard

Target: Truck, Light armor, Light House (soft)

S: Senaki T: Target